In 1871 a group of people; namely Brother Daniel Sparrow, John Matthews, Leonard Watkins, George Watkins, John Covington, Henry J. Hunt, and various other families around the Bestgate area were interested in having gospel worship services. They began by conducting religious services in different family homes, and after several years the group was able to secure land for a church. The spiritual brothers purchased the deed for the land on November 21, 1874 from Joseph O. Fowler and Sarah A. Fowler of Anne Arundel County, hence how Fowler Chapel obtained its name.

Fowler Chapel grew in membership and soon it was time to plan and explore the possibility of enlarging the church. It became an ongoing endeavor for the brothers and sisters of Fowler Chapel and in 1901, twenty-seven years later; a new church was finally completed.

Fowler Chapel’s membership grew and in 1963, the Baltimore – Washington Conference established Fowler Chapel as a station church. A new era in the history of Fowler began in the year of 1963. The planning and building of the present sanctuary was undertaken and accomplished during the second time that the Rev. R.L. Ball (1937-1952; 1963-1966) served as pastor along with the committee of James Parker, Betty Banks, Morris Peters, Laura Smith, Walter Wells and John Parker Sr.

FUMC has had the blessing to be spiritually nourished by many pastors throughout the years. Some of the pastors who served our congregation were, the Rev. Thomas H. Brooks, Rev. Dewitt Washington, Rev. George R. Williams, Rev. George Watkins, and Rev. George Booze, Rev. Charles Creek (1966-1976), Rev. Lawrence Sherman (1981-1984), Rev. Jeffery Smith (1984-1988), Rev. Eddie Sherman (1993-1996), Rev. Michael Braxton (1996-1998), Rev. Hosea Hodges (1998-2003), Rev. Charles Proctor (2003-2007), Rev. Mamie A. Williams (2007-2009), Rev. Michael A.H. McKinney(2009-2012), Rev.Dr. Patricia D. Johnson(2012 – 2021,  and our present serving Pastor Jerome Jones, Sr. Fowler also had the blessing to have had Rev. Evelyn Addison(1977-1979), who was the first woman preacher appointed to a charge in the Annapolis District.


Our church is now into its second centennial of service under the spiritual growth and leadership of the Pastor Jerome Jones, Sr. Our certified Lay Speaker is Mrs. Theresa Mullins.

Today 150 years later, it is through God’s grace and mercy that we are writing a glorious new chapter in the history of Fowler United Methodist Church and pray that the coming years will bring renewed discipleship, mission and vision; a new sense of destiny; a new determination of self- sacrifice and service on the part of the present congregation as it was with the humble beginning of the members of the past.

We thank God for our ancestors who wanted a place to assemble in order to praise God and have Christian fellowship one with another. They were able to pool their meager resources to secure this land and establish a church. May we forever be grateful and always remember that our building affords us a place to worship and fellowship together, but as Christians, we must continue to go out to serve and witness for God.

The foundation has been well laid and we do not know what the future has but we can look forward knowing that God will continue to be with us to accomplish God’s purpose.
Fowler is grateful to all of her members for their gifts, dedicated services, time, attendance and caring throughout these years.

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